Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to Get Into the Business School Through University Division

There can be a lot of pressure from your parents, counselors and classmates about direct admission to the Kelley School of Business. If you missed the requirements, it can be disappointing. It can feel like your goals are slipping away. But that’s not true. Your goals and dreams are all still within your reach, but the path you take to meet them might be a little different than you envisioned.

Below, you will find some descriptions of what life will be like your freshmen year, and what you will do to claim your place in the business school.

What it means to be in University Division:

  • If you meet the requirements listed below, you are guaranteed admission to the business school at the beginning of your sophomore year. 90% of the students at IU enter through the University Division. You are not alone.
  • Currently, slightly more than 50% of the students in Kelley are University Division students.
  • University Division has approximately 60 advisors located around campus to help you when you need assistance. The UD advisors receive the same training as business advisors, and they are experts at helping you navigate your first year of college.

The classes you take freshman year:

  • You will take all of the same classes as the direct admit students.
  • Over the two semesters, you will take four admissions courses: English Composition, The Computer in Business, Finite Mathematics and Calculus.
  • You will also take a number of business classes such as Microeconomics, Basic Accounting Skills, and Business Presentations.
  • Finally, you will take two or three general education classes each semester.

The requirements for admission:

  • If you earn B’s or better with no withdrawals (W's), you will be automatically admitted to the business school. B-‘s do not meet this requirement.
  • If you do receive a B- or lower, you may still gain admission. The admissions committee wants to see a positive grade trend (2nd semester is better than your 1st semester) and strong performance in your business classes.
  • The more A’s you receive, the better your application will be.

How to earn B’s or better:

  • You are smart. By virtue of getting admitted to IU, you have demonstrated that you can be successful acdemically.
  • The secret to earning B’s is motivation and work ethic.
  • If you attend all the classes, do all of the homework and do all of the reading, you should earn B’s or better.
  • If you take the steps listed above, and you are still struggling, there are peer tutors in the classes, group tutors in the academic centers and private tutors available through the business school.
  • Your professor will have office hours every week. It will be useful if you meet with him or her regularly.
  • Finally, college is a series of choices. In your residence hall, you will be surrounded by hundreds of interesting people, doing hundreds of interesting things. Though there is value in the 3AM conversation, your grades need to come first. If you stay focused on the B standard, there is no reason why you won’t be successful.

Once you earn your B’s and above, you will be automatically admitted to the business school, and your dreams will begin to feel more tangible.