Wednesday, September 23, 2009

“My friend told me….”

You want to read this post if you’re thinking of applying to the Kelley School this semester. On a campus like IU, there are a lot of myths and legends. Some of these have developed over the years from bad information, like the one about the Wells Library sinking.

The Kelley Admissions Committee hears a lot of myths in the application process for the Kelley School. Let’s clear a few of those up…

“If I wait to apply, my application will look better.”
MYTH. The Kelley School sees all grades at the time that the application is reviewed. You won’t help your case by waiting another semester, because the committee will still see your earlier grades. If you are a freshman, you should apply in the spring of your freshman year so that you can receive a decision about your Kelley application by the summer before your sophomore year. This will help you continue to make progress towards a four year degree.

“Kelley only looks at the grades in business courses.”
MYTH. The Kelley degree is a liberal arts business degree. The Admissions Committee will look at ALL grades, in ALL courses.

“My extracurricular are so strong, I’ll get in even if my grades aren’t that great.” or “If I get one B- (or W), I’ll still get in.”
MYTH. The only way to be guaranteed admission is to make all A’s and B’s in all courses, with no W’s. There is a risk of being denied admission or deferred if you have a single B- or W on your academic record. While extracurricular involvement is considered, the greatest weight is put on academic performance. Excellent student organization involvement will not make up for poor academic work.

“A100 is a required class to apply to the business school.”
MYTH. The required classes for admission are ENG-W131 English Composition, MATH-M118 Finite Math, MATH-M119 Calculus, and BUS-K201 The Computer in Business. BUS-X100 Introduction to Business Administration can substitute for M118, M119 or K201. BUS-A100 Basic Accounting Skills is not required to apply; however, it is a good idea to take the course during your freshman year, because it is a prerequisite for BUS-A201 Financial Accounting and BUS-A202 Managerial Accounting. If you do not take A100 during your freshman year, you will delay your degree progress, and you may compromise your ability to graduate in four years.