Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spring 2009 Standard Admission

Earlier this month before Spring classes resumed, approximately 280 applicants got the great news that they had been admitted to Kelley through the standard admission process. The acceptance rate dropped slightly this semester to 53%, as fewer students met the minimum requirements for admission. A few dozen deferrals were granted to students whose performance was only slightly below the minimum requirements; these students will be invited to reapply if they make improvements in the area(s) specified by the Admissions Committee.

While any student denied admission can speak to an admissions counselor at Kelley, appealing the decision will most likely be futile if you have not met the minimum requirements and do not have a reasonable argument for why one or more grades were below B. An admissions counselor can, however, help you determine alternate plans that may include pursuing a minor or certificate in business. The latter do not require admission to Kelley and are open to all students at IU pursing majors elsewhere on campus.

All future applicants are encouraged to verify that they meet the admissions requirements and to consult with Kelley's standard admit counselors if they have any questions. Grades of B or above are required for a successful admission decision. Any course grade below B (and this includes B-) put an applicant at very high risk for denial.

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